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Apple Getting Smarter: New AI Features Coming To IPhone And More

Apple Getting Smarter: New AI Features Coming To IPhone And More

Apple has new plans to incorporate generative AI features into its products. Including the iPhone, with an announcement expected later this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned the company’s ongoing investment in artificial intelligence (AI) during a call with analysts. While Cook didn’t provide many details, the remarks indicate Apple’s commitment to compete in the AI space with companies like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI.

Despite being relatively quiet about its AI plans. Apple aims to catch up with rivals like Microsoft, which heavily invests in AI. The sources suggest that Apple may unveil advanced generative AI features with the release of iOS 18. The next version of its mobile operating system, is likely to be announced in June at the annual WWDC developer’s conference. Experts speculate that Apple’s approach to AI may differ from its competitors, opting for a more measured strategy.

It is studied that Apple’s investment in AI resources, including the development of a Large Language Model (Ajax GPT) with over 200 billion parameters. It also notes the release of a framework called MLX by Apple’s machine learning research team, aimed at bringing generative AI apps to products like MacBooks. Overall, the article highlights Apple’s growing focus on incorporating AI capabilities into its devices and services.