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New Tesla App Upgrade: Better Security with iPhone’s UWB Chip

Tesla App

New Tesla App Upgrade: Better Security with iPhone’s UWB Chip

The latest Tesla app version 2024.2.3 brings an exciting addition: support for the iPhone‘s UWB chip. This feature enhances the security and functionality of the Phone Key, which previously relied solely on Bluetooth.

Tesla ios app key
Tesla ios app key

UWB technology provides more accurate positioning and safeguards against replay spoofing. A potential security threat where someone could intercept your digital key transmission. Now, with UWB, Tesla owners can enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind.

Moreover, the app’s update allows UWB positioning to identify the driver, particularly useful when multiple individuals with Phone Keys are present in the vehicle. This technology mirrors the functionality found in Apple’s AirTags.

While this feature is currently exclusive to iOS devices, there’s hope for Android users, as some Android phones support UWB. Tesla may extend their Tesla App functionality to Android devices in the future.

However, it’s worth noting that UWB support is currently limited to newer Tesla models. Specifically the 2023 Model 3 and Model X. But don’t fret; older models like the Model S, Model X, and Cybertruck are expected to receive UWB support in upcoming updates.