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TikTok Launches on Apple Vision Pro: A New Era of Social Media

Apple Vision Pro

TikTok Launches on Apple Vision Pro: A New Era of Social Media

YouTube has yet to release an official app for Apple Vision Pro, but they are currently working on one, despite initially opting out of the platform altogether. However, the arrival date for this app remains unclear.

Tiktok on Apple Vision Pro
Tiktok on Apple Vision Pro

In the meantime, TikTok has seized the opportunity to step in and claim the spotlight. Now offering an official app for the Vision Pro. Users can now enjoy hours of immersive video scrolling directly from their headset.

The introduction of TikTok to Apple Vision Pro marks a significant milestone, as the platform beats both YouTube and Netflix to the punch. With social media consumption dominating phone usage, it’s natural to wonder if the same trend will continue with the iPhone‘s Vision Pro. Will browsing social media become one of the primary uses for this innovative device? Only time will tell.

However, users should be cautious not to get too immersed in the TikTok experience. Given the platform’s reputation for consuming time, it’s easy to lose track of hours while scrolling through videos. Without a visible time indicator on the headset. Users may be surprised by how quickly time passes and how much battery life is consumed by TikTok sessions.